The Rose Parade has a long and storied history since it began in 1890, and it has truly become an American and international tradition. This January 1st, for the first time, a new technology is going to change the way we view the parade. Interactivism is designing and building the first Augmented Reality (AR) experience of a Rose Bowl float. This ground-breaking experience will dazzle viewers along the parade route and around the world. The Rose Parade may never be the same.

Interactivism is partnering with  Singpoli American BD, led by CEO Kin Hui, and working with award-winning float designer Charles Meier. Meier’s float designs for Singpoli have won major awards over the past 4 years.

Petra Wennberg Cesario, Partner and Co-Founder of Interactivism, stated: “We are honored to be a part of this award-winning team to design a Rose Parade float experience that has never been done before: extending the entertainment and storytelling power of the physical float into the digital realm of Augmented Reality.”

The Singpoli American BD float tells the traditional Chinese tale of the carp and the Dragon Gate, an inspiring story of perseverance and overcoming life’s obstacles to realize one’s dreams. Julian Scaff, Director of Design at Interactivism, explained: “viewers of this gorgeous float will be able to experience the story in a totally new way, whether they are on the parade route or watching the parade on television anywhere in the world. With a smartphone app, they will be able to interact with beautiful animations superimposed over the float, making the story come to life. People will also have the ability to take selfie photos with the inspiring characters of the story, sharing their ground-breaking experience with friends and family via social media.”

Wennberg Cesario added, “AR technology allows viewers to interact with digital animations that tell the story of the carp and the Dragon Gate while at the same time enjoying the breathtaking float design that includes animatronics and water effects. The combination of physical effects with Augmented Reality makes this the most innovative Rose Parade float design ever made.”

Interactivism is a digital product design agency based in Pasadena, California dedicated to creating human-centered experiences that make products more usable and delightful. We are committed to making the complex simple, and always pushing the boundaries of outstanding design.

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