Going on 17 years, LegalZoom has owned the DIY online legal documents and services category. But legal documents and DIY legal services are becoming commoditized.


LegalZoom is evolving their offering from that of one-time transactions to ongoing partnerships with customers and asked Interactivism to help develop concepts for a user experience that resonates with both the company’s traditional self-guided customers as well as a new, more collaborative, segment of users.


The scope of this project was to develop a crisp and commonly agreed upon problem definition, and conceptual solutions.


  • Stakeholder interviews with key internal stakeholders.
  • Reviewed primary and secondary user- and market research.
  • Reviewed brand vision and newly developed creative.
  • Conducted a collaborative “Creative Blueprint” exercise to summarize LegalZoom’s business & brand objectives, competitive considerations, target audience demographics, attitudes, motivations, and behaviors.


  • Developed 3 project specific personas, articulating their needs, attitudes, behaviors, and goals, with an empathy map (what they say, think, feel, do) for each persona.
  • Conducted a Customer Journey Mapping exercise to map each personas’ goals and interactions with the current LegalZoom pre-purchase experience, to help pinpoint specific touch-points that cause pain or delight, to identify opportunities to improve the future experience.
  • Synthesize observations and insights from the Immersion and Definition phases into a Point-of-View document, defining a meaningful and actionable problem statement, which would serve as the foundation for the Concepting phase.


  • UX/IA Concepts: Explored and iterated on site architecture, interaction model and core user flows.
  • UI Concepts: Explored and iterated on the user interface.
  • Prototype Development: Built click-through prototypes to facilitate user testing and executive stakeholder buy-in.
  • Concept Validation (directional): Tested each concept with 5-7 respondents, recruited to represent the range of project persona profiles.


Interactivism developed two conceptual solutions.

Concept A
Concept A is a multi-dimensional architecture, with task-oriented taxonomies.

Concept B
Concept B is a topic-based architecture with search up front and center. Some components of the concepts were shared.

Document Finder
The self-guided segment of users that have been coming to LegalZoom for years know what they want, and want to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible. For this user type, we designed a browse experience utilizing faceted filtering, allowing these users to quickly narrow in on exactly what they are looking for — be it with research or purchase intent.

Conversational UI
The collaborative segment of users don’t want to be talked to, they want to be talked with! For this, we designed a conversational UI that contextually guide users to a solution that fit their needs.

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