Scratch is a financial services company offering quick and simple credit assessment and financing options to pet owners in need. Interactivism designed and developed all aspects of the Scratch launch experience – from branding to responsive marketing website, mobile-first credit application web app, POS print materials, and business cards. By leveraging traditional credit scoring data as well as nontraditional underwriting data, Scratch can approve more applicants than any other service, which means more pets treated, and more paying customers for participating veterinary offices.


  • Design and develop a credit application experience which is so simple that filling it out on a mobile device while in the veterinarian office with a sick pet at your feet feels quick and easy.
  • Millennials often have less than stellar credit when measured with traditional credit scoring.


  • Brand blueprint
  • Brand concepts in the form of style boards and logo explorations
  • UX concepts in the form of sitemap and application flow
  • UI design in the form of high-fidelity wireframes in Sketch and Zeplin
  • Back-end development (MySQL / PHP Laravel)
  • Front-end development (HTML / JS / CSS)
  • Quality Assurance


  • A responsive – mobile-first – credit application web app, leveraging traditional credit scoring as well as non-traditional underwriting data, capable of turning around an instant loan decision.
  • A marketing web site with complimentary messaging for pet-owners and veterinarians, as well as marketing print collateral.

Results – After 12 months

  • 650 participating veterinary clinics
  • $1M of monthly processed loans
  • $1M in yearly revenue

Funds Raised

  • $73.1M



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