Rebranding Democracy

Interactivism helped craft a new brand for to help foster political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen American democracy

Strategy, Research, Logo Design, Content Development

Logo, Logo Guides, Voice & Tone Guidelines, Google Templates, Social Media Assets is a nonpartisan nonprofit advocating for voters and fighting against voter suppression.

Interactivism teamed up with to refine its Visual Identity and Brand Messaging to help generate brand recognition and a new strong, consistent communication strategy.

Interactivism designed a new logo and brand identity and developed brand guidelines – including a messaging framework that aligns with the organization’s core brand pillars – to better represent a brand that uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen American democracy. logo logo on red and blue

To communicate a bipartisan position effectively, we ensured the logo worked on both red and blue backgrounds. logo guidelines

Interactive conducted an audit of the current identity & brand messaging across the website, social, email, and collateral; held Stakeholder Interviews with core team members, donors, and community organizers; conducted collaborative work sessions to synthesize to focus the creative strategy. voice and tone guidelines

Deliverables include:

Logo: Designing a new logo

Brand Guide: Developing a guide document that specifies logo usage, visual identity specs, as well as high-level guidelines for voice-tone and social media

Collateral Templates: Designing templates for Google Docs and Google Slides

Social Media Assets: Designing avatars and background/cover images for FB and X (Twitter)



Including: Campaign created by a nonprofit organization in an effort to raise awareness for a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion cause. Projects may include; digital, broadcast or print advertising or marketing campaigns, product launches, rebrands, content or social media marketing, and public relations campaigns.

Everything You Need to Vote
Support’s crucial nonpartisan efforts to make voting more accessible for all Americans.

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