Joined David Chaum and the Elixxir team as the strategic and tactical UX launch partner of the new xxNetwork layer 1 blockchain and dApps.

Strategy, Research, UX, UI, Development

Website, dApp, Platform, Design System

Mobile, Web

Interactivism joined the high-paced and global team at Elixxir as the acting UX team to help launch the newly rebranded xxnetwork. Interactivism drove the design and/or provided dev support for multiple applications simultaneously:

xxmessenger – We designed the launch versions of the privacy-focused dApp, built on the xxnetwork blockchain, where the only requirement for joining is a username.

xxscan – We designed and provided Dev support for the new version of xxscan, the xxnetwork Polygon Subscan / Block Explorer, including a new design system for how to visualize the complex process of blockchain Governance.

Website – Provided PR and marketing support in collaboration with Moonburn, Maneuvre, and Seratonin

Vote XX – We also worked on a concept for Vote XX – a quantum-resistant, intimidation-safe election application, built on xxnetwork blockchain with cMix technology, in collaboration with xx Labs and an international team of voting experts.

xxnetwork successfully launched on schedule in January 2022 and received positive attention from TechCrunch and from the community on Discord and Telegram.




xxscan Extrinsics


I’ve always had a fundamental belief that individuals should control their own digital lives, and to do so, peer-to-peer networks are necessary.

– David Chaum

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