Transform your company through design leadership.

We offer intensive, highly practical workshops to teams looking to deepen their understanding and application of UX design methodology, and to leverage design thinking at the leadership level.

We would be happy to create a unique program based on your needs, troubleshoot your current projects in a workshop format, or you can choose from the following popular topics:

Design Integration – how to integrate design in the product development process and to drive innovation

  • How to engage design in an agile process
  • How to apply design thinking to strengthen project leadership
  • How to identify opportunities for product innovation

Design Impact – how to measure effectiveness with users in order to maximize ROI

  • How to align product design initiatives with, and measure against, macro business goals
  • How to choose the right UX metrics for your product or feature
  • How to measure the quality of your product or feature

Deep UX – how to understand users in order to build better products and improve user experience

  • Learn the most effective methods of user research
  • Understand how to create an emotional connection to your users and build long-lasting relationships
  • Lower the cost of failure, and increase the speed of learning

Who will benefit:

  • Company leadership
  • Product & project management
  • Engineering teams
  • Design teams
  • Marketing teams

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