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As the world comes to terms with the changing economy and tries to adjust accordingly, one specific group needs all the support they can get — small businesses.

Wherever you go in the world, you’ll notice small businesses lining the streets. Not only are they an important part of our local communities, but they also contribute significantly to our economies, providing the majority of all U.S. jobs. Now more than ever, it is key that companies of all sizes come together to help small businesses.

We know how difficult it is to stand out in a crowded marketplace. For us, that’s where Clutch comes in. Our Clutch profile has helped us increase our visibility and set ourselves apart as a trusted and reputable service provider. Additionally, the feedback that our clients leave in the reviews allows us to identify areas of improvement while showing off the exceptional work that our team continues to do.

One of our clients had this to say about the Research and Design services we provided for the ground-up redesign of their cable- and satellite network command and control system:

From the minute we engaged with them, until they provided us with the final mockups, they were on time, on budget, and it was great. They led us through the whole thing. There was no overhead, and they were extremely easy to work with… Their knowledge of UX was amazing. They knew everything we didn’t, so they were a very valuable partner.

Development Manager for an Aerospace & Defense company

This client isn’t referring to the work of one person, but rather to the combined efforts of a team of diligent and talented professionals.

A lot of businesses are having to make a lot of changes during this time and we are no exception. Interactivism is still open for business, so if you’re looking for a UX/UI partner for your next project, let’s find a time talk.

Cover photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

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