Metacloud is a premium OpenStack offering – an on-premise private cloud solution that is delivered with a SaaS like service model.

Interactivism has worked with Metacloud, since 2013 across all customer facing aspects of their product experience – incl. company website (retired after Cisco acquisition), horizon dashboard, customer onboarding & self-serve support portal and environments for Metacloud’s internal SysOps teams.

Metacloud was acquired by Cisco in Sep, 2014.



  • Differentiate the open-source product OpenStack via design – to reflect the high-end service offering provided by Metacloud’s system architecture, -deployment and -operations teams.
  • Develop a UX/UI system capable of accommodating the constantly and quickly evolving upstream open-source project.



  • Review product requirements
  • Learn all about OpenStack
  • IA / site mapping
  • Wireframe UX/UI framework
  • Brand blueprint
  • Visual concepts for UI and Data Visualization style
  • Page mock-ups in Sketch/Zeplin
  • UI component library in Sketch/Zeplin



  • A highly scalable UX framework combined with a UI component library that makes OpenStack look and feel like a modern, custom and premium experience.



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