Julian Scaff

Consultant, UX Design & Research

Julian is a designer, lecturer and speaker with expertise in UX, UI, IxD, creative strategy and futurecasting. He has a BA in Media Studies from Pitzer College, an MA in Film and Television from UCLA, and an MFA in Art and Design from the Dutch Art Institute. Early in his career he worked as a designer at NASA/JPL and Idealab, and was a creative director at JobTrak, Monster.com, and the non-profit Blue Planet United. For the past decade Julian has taught interactive media and design at universities in the Netherlands, Beirut, Qatar, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. Julian’s public speaking includes a TEDx talk titled “Designing Change for Good” on the need for design thinking to tackle the large, complex problems facing the world, and a keynote address at the Wonder Women Tech conference on the need for gender equality in the tech industry. He is the founder of the SOLA/HACK social activism hackathon, the Design Slam, and serves on the boards for the NELAUX Group and Enterprise Tech LA.

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