We are a digital product design studio in Pasadena, California

Interactivism is a boutique product design studio that helps startups and later stage entrepreneurial companies who want to disrupt a category, or invent a new one.

Dollar Shave Club

Our blades are f***ing great

Our blades are f***ing great

Dollar Shave Club is a subscription e-commerce service offering men’s razors, automagically shipped to your doorstep once a month, for as little as $1/month.


Simple, affordable veterinary payment solutions

Simple, affordable veterinary payment solutions

Scratch is a financial services company offering quick and simple credit assessment and financing options to pet owners in need...


ReachEdge redesign

ReachEdge redesign

ReachLocal provides a suite of online marketing and reporting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. In the spring of 2016, Interactivism conducted a ground-up redesign of ReachEdge – ReachLocal’s™ lead conversion business intelligence software - that will enable SMBs to level up their...


Modern matchmaking

Modern matchmaking

Level by April Beyer is a new and exclusive matchmaking service that marries traditional matchmaking with today’s technology...


Branding augmented reality

Interactivism designed an identity system for Meta, to better aligning the brand with its shifting product and marketing strategies.


One-tap checkout

Boom is disrupting the legacy checkout experience by replacing the tired old username and password with secure pin code, instantly sent directly to the users personal device, significantly increasing conversion while reducing fraud. Interactivism has been working with Boom on all aspects of its product design.


Last mile marketing

Interactivism worked with Local ID to solve the “last mile” of local marketing, helping marketeers discover hyperlocal events, and then slice and dice these by market, zip, demographics, etc. to enable planning, execution and tracking of local marketing activities. Empowering the local marketeer execute with speed and precision, and the corporate marketing executive to highlight and share winning tactics across their organization.


Saber metrics for everyone

The sports world is awash in data. But relevant and succinct insights derived from that data are rare and analyses are often driven more by opinion than fact. Scoutables solves this problem by offering daily machine-generated scouting reports and graphical data-driven insights about every player in Major League Baseball.


Taking OpenStack to the next level

Metacloud is a premium OpenStack offering - an on-premise private cloud solution that is delivered with a SaaS like service model. Metacloud was acquired by Cisco in Sep, 2014.


Location-aware messaging

Location-aware messaging

TinyRobot is a location aware messaging app that bring people and places together in time and space. Interactivism worked on every aspect of the TinyRobot experience - from concept ideation to naming and branding to final UI design and quality assurance. TinyRobot is still in private beta


Movie karaoke

Rolr movie karaoke app

Rolr is a social video messaging app that allows users to choose movie scenes from their favorite movies, and act out scenes with their friends.