# Information Architecture

Scoutables is revolutionizing the way professional sports organizations manage financial risk around their most valuable assets: their athletes. Interactivism designed and helped develop a demo app that showcases Scoutables’ analytics capabilities by offering daily machine-generated scouting reports and graphical data-driven insights about every player in... View project

Part community, part magazine, part clothing line and part store, StyleSaint is redefining the way fashion is conceived, discovered, delivered, and consumed. Interactivism worked with StyleSaint to help iterate, refine and optimize their user experience, as the company transitioned from grassroots fashionista community to a... View project

Interactivism worked with Local ID on their mission to solve the “last mile” of local marketing, helping marketeers discover hyperlocal events, and then slice and dice these by market, zip, demographics, etc. to enable planning, execution and tracking of local marketing activities. Local ID empower... View project

Haulstars is a video ad technology company, enabling brands and editorial product showcase, publishers an engaging ad format with outstanding performance, and creators increased reach and monetization opportunities. Interactivism worked on Haulstars’ UX+Design from inception and helped the company pivot from consumer destination to ad tech.... View project

LoveIt is a Pinterest style service with power tools for discovery, organization of, and collaboration around, anything visually inspiring online, designed with monetization of visual bookmarking in mind. Interactivism designed and directed Branding, Product, UX and Visual Design of the web site and the iOS... View project

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